In 2017, The Idea was contracted to create branding, logo design and wayfinding for TK central, a modern commercial complex bringing together retail, living spaces, office space and green spaces. Boasting 20 floors with 5 floors of retail space, TK central needed a brand identity that represents the values, services, ideas and personality of the organization.

TK logo image
TK logo image
TK logo image

We aimed to create a logo for TK Central that captured the diverse nature of the space. The green icon in the logo represents nature and the lush green gardens, the blue icon represents peace and calmness, thus the residential spaces, the red icon expresses passion, dynamism and desire, representing the bustling retail podium and the orange icon stands for creativity, success and determination, thus rightfully representing the commercial office spaces.

TK Central Ad image
TK Central logo image
TK plastic bag image
TK Central merchandise image
TK Central merchandise image



4E #148ABC
Preah Trasak Paem St. 63
Phnom Penh, KH 12207
Tel: +855 (0) 12 842 620