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Our Services - Research, Marketing, Training and Consulting

Our 360 suite of services can help any organization go-to-market. From Feasibility studies, to Capacity Building and Training for staff to PR (Public Relations), Marketing and Mystery Shopping

Our Services

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Stand out from the crowd by creating a recognizable and reputable brand with a full suite of unique visual tools that tell your story. We'll help you communicate and connect with your market - no gimmicks, just good design.




At The Idea we believe Corporate Social Responsibility is essential to a company’s growth. Our CSR program is designed to build stronger teams while making meaningful contribution to the larger community. Stronger team = Stronger company.



Market Research

Map the competitive landscape and identify opportunities in the market. We help you stay informed so you can make wise business decisions.


Feasibility Studies


Mystery Shopping



HR & Training

One of the best investments you’ll ever make is in your people. We help you stay informed so you can make wise business decisions. Partner with us to deliver sales training, marketing coaching, work culture development, team building and team bonding development and facilitation.


Internal Training


Leading with Empathy




PR & Communication

Not all platforms were created equal - invest only in those that matter. We help you make the most of your communication channels while you focus on running your business.