Luna Chenla


Luna Chenla, Project Manager, The Idea

Luna is an experienced project manager with a diverse background and a track record of managing projects right from the conceptualisation stage to completion. She is recognized for her positive energy, innovative online tactics, problem solving approach and her ability to manage time-sensitive projects. Her mantra is to build strong cohesive teams. She also worked very closely with the public sector in order to trademark the word “Slaprea” for the biggest food festival in Cambodia. She reached out to different ministries to get legal support for Slaprea. She opened a restaurant from scratch 2 years ago in which she single-handedly developed the menu and set up standard operating procedures.

Luna’s experience
Since March 2018 - Corporate Affairs Manager  at The Idea
2016 - 2017 - PR Coordinator at the Commonwealth Bank Australia
2013 - 2016 - Assistant Store Manager  at Sportsgirl Chadstone Australia

Luna speaks