In 2016, multinational brand Krispy Kreme opened the doors to their BKK franchise. By partnering with The Idea, a myriad of grand opening activities took place, like movie screenings, a yoga session and a circus performance. In addition, to give Phnom Penh a taste of the delicious Krispy Kreme donuts, we facilitated the delivery of over 100,000 donuts to people around the capital city. The grand opening brought so much attention that there were about 30 people sleeping outside the store and over 300 people waiting outside to be first in line for the world renowned donut makers to open their doors.


Kripsy Kreme event image
Kripsy Kreme event image
Kripsy Kreme event image

The Idea executed possibly the most memorable and grand brand entry in Cambodia. We adapted the global brand guidelines for Cambodia, executed print and outdoor campaigns, and hosted 44 events in 18 days.

Kripsy Kreme event image
Kripsy Kreme history image



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