G (Galeno Chua)

Galeno Chua, Founder, Principal Consultant

G is a Business Consultant, Project Manager and Facilitator with over 11 years working experience with companies, NGOs and Governments in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australasia.  
His professional experience ranges from Activity Entertainment, Events, Education, F&B, Hospitality & Tourism, Marketing, Healthcare and FMCG. He has been quoted on Forbes Magazine for his knowledge on Social Media in Cambodia when Facebook experimented with the Explore Feed. 
His successful Cambodian projects have allowed him to pursue and accumulate research and refine his consulting to prove a mission that profitable businesses can indeed have a positive social impact. He is an avid speaker and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) expert who guest lectures at Universities and events to shift development in Cambodia to a more sustainable path.

Gā€™s experience
University of Canterbury
International Business Degree
Majors in Management, Marketing and Finance
5 Years continued study in Law and Accounting
Certified Kayaking and Climbing Instructor 

G speaks
Chinese (intermediate)